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- We're a North Devon website design studio creating award winning websites and landing pages to help clients generate

more leads with our proven SDAR strategy. Helping your company reach its revenue target in 6 months or less and allowing you to once again start having fun in your company.

We know that you aren't doing enough online. You've grown your company through referrals but you're fearful of when that might stop. You want to start tapping into online resources more and know when a lead is coming in but you're worried about making that first step. Lucky for you, we're here to help you take that first step.

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Braddicks Furnishers

100% increase in online sales

A clear success story many shoppers now enter the Braddicks furniture store already knowing what they would like to purchase or try out. Helping the sales team focus on the selling rather than the hunting of items. Customers visiting the old site would have seen old stock, items missing and a lack of information. Our team created a bespoke design that played on the royal reds of the companies branding whilst creating an easily navigable site for any age. We also helped the team create a system in which they can upload, manage and sell items easily taking the stress out of digital inventory management.

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Taylored Campervan Conversions

300% increase in website online enquiries and website traffic.

Taylored campervans builds smart and comfortable campervans starting at £10,000 going right up to £50,000. When we first engaged with the team their goal was to increase their SEO presence which was easily increased by 80% within 2 months of launching the new site. After the success of their SEO campaign the team worked in partnership with ours to create a new website and branding for the company. The success of which has in part allowed the team to move to bigger premises and increase the size of the team. We continue to work with the team monthly to increase and expand their digital strategy to support the growth of the business.

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Seafield Holiday Park

400% increase in online bookings

Seafield holiday park approached us to help them work on and improve their website after they were let down by a local company.  The lack of online bookings with the previous site was causing some distress to the team as they were paying large amounts of their marketing spend on booking websites rather than generating sales themselves. By working in partnership we created a new simplistic design that allowed the content on the page to entice customers to book with Seafield holiday park. We easily smashed their Christmas sales targets by 4x their online bookings. Having only received one or two of their bookings online before working with us the team now receive 90% of their bookings through the website.

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certified google reviews

Kind words from our clients

Bethan Braddick


They recently built a website for our holiday park, and we are so pleased with what they did for us! The website has been live for 3 weeks, and we have received very positive feedback from customers! Our online bookings have increased considerably as a result, and customers have said they find the website easy and clear to use (which was one of our main aims).

Francesca Mapp


The whole team have been a complete pleasure to work with. Communication is excellent as is attention to detail so that together we can achieve amazing results for Imaginary Space clients. If you're looking to grow your business I wouldn't hesitate in contacting Harry and his team. There's nothing better than having hard workers like him on your side.

Frank James


We are very happy with our new website and we have had plenty of positive feedback since it has gone live - we are now showcasing our work in a far more attractive way which is helping us win new business. Strongly recommend Imaginary space if you are looking for a bespoke website which can ultimately strengthen your business!

Lewis Taylor


Imaginary Space designed our new website at the start of this year. They brought lots of ideas and enthusiasm and we're very pleased with the finished product.

Paulo Symons


Very patient and professional to work with and go above and beyond what is expected. One of the things that makes them different to anyone else is the fact they have a strong focus on design and customer experiences. This is something that I valued a lot when planning my website build. It needs to look amazing and serve it's purpose.

Sebastian Buckland


Ive been working with Harry for the last 2 years, he helped setup our website exactly how we wanted it and helped deliver our most successful advertising campaign. Harry is professional, easily approachable and great to work with. Thank You

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Frequently asked questions


What is the average cost of a project?

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All websites begin at £3,000 and can go right up to £20,000 depending on complexity. The cost of website design can vary depending on the brief that we receive from our client. The cost can increase in some cases, if you choose to add extra services such as SEO, Animation, Illustrations.


How long can a project take?

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All projects have a minimum lifetime of 3 weeks. This can scale up to 3 months dependant on project scope. Like all technology based projects this can be extended or reduced based on timely feedback.


I am not an agency

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We love to work with companies from all different sectors whether they are B2C or B2B. If you have an interesting project and want to utilise our design services we will be more than happy to chat. Just send an email to hello@imaginaryspace.co.uk


I just need advice at this stage

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Our team are more than happy to provide strategic consultation to begin with before any formal projects are scheduled. In our calls you can expect clear and sound advice on what you are doing, feedback on your current ideas and thought provoking questions to get you thinking about where you want to take your brand. To book simply email hello@imaginaryspace.co.uk

Our process

SDAR System- The key to success











Either facilitated on site or off site our workshops help set the stage for the project. Our company will invite you and fellow team members to participate in a strategy workshop designed to:
- Understand what has worked, what hasn't worked and where you need help.
- Clarify your messaging.
- Clean up your process and automise it.
- Identify your key business objectives and where you want to take your company.


Working in cycles our team will deliver and iterate a product that solves your problems.
- Interactive high fidelity prototype of the solution.
- Styleguide with reference to fonts, colours and components for your future projects.
- Animation mockups and descriptions.
- Source files that are designed in Figma.


Your product is launched to the world wide web. All of our developed projects include:
- Designed responsively for all devices.
-  User testing for un-biased feedback.
-  Handover document with video tutorials.
-  Tracking setup and optimisation.


Monitored closely the product is refined, simplified and tweaked. We also:

- Perform weekly audits of the product to make sure it is running according to spec.
- Reporting directly to you about leads captured and new business acquisition costs.
- Refine the product. Made additions and deletions. Optimise, optimise, optimise.

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