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A free workshop

that will double your

leads through your website

Join our free workshop to help agency owners create better and clearer brand stories on their website, sales and marketing. This allows you to talk more directly to prospects increasing your conversion and closing rate. Resulting in more leads, freeing up more of your time, allowing you to have more fun in your agency.

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Learn why brand story is important

Who knew that by making a few small and simple tweaks to the copy on your website you can increase your conversion rates, talk more directly to prospects and win more business.

45 minute coaching call and workshop

We value your time which is why our workshops are no longer than 45 minutes each. Our lightning focused approach makes sure you get the most value in as little time as possible.

Includes theory, practical and homework

We want you to walk out of the workshop not only having learnt something but also to take something away with you. Most lectures leave you feeling brain fried but you'll leave with home work and notes to take action immediately.

Who this workshop is for

Does this sound like you?

I want to get more clients in my niche

You've realised that being a generalist agency isn't cutting it and in order to support your growth you need to niche. But even though you've chosen your niche you're still struggling to attract more of the clients that you want.

I aspire to get better paying clients

You know that the higher paying clients are easier to work with. They don't care about the costs they just care about the result which you know you can deliver.

I want to improve our outreach

You know that you could be doing outreach better and talking to potential clients more directly.

Our website isnt performing

Your website looks amazing and cost a good amount of time to make but it just sits there converting the minimum amount of prospects.

I want to stand out from other agencies in my niche

Although you are currently a leader in your niche you can't seem to differentiate yourself from others doing the same thing.

The story so far

We've already helped agencies like yours

After working on our own brand story we started looking at other companies in the space and were shocked at the same mistakes they were making time and time again.

Theres a famous old english saying which goes "The Cobbler's children have no shoes". Sometimes whilst making all these great things for clients we find it hard to make great things for ourselves.

So we set out to make a change. At first we helped friends who ran their own agencies. Taking their teams through workshops and guided practical sessions... and the the results were amazing. Every team member walked out of the meeting with a fresh perspective on how to approach telling a brands story for their own studio and for clients.

This is why we made this workshop. We want to help you build a thriving business that lays the foundation for the life you want to live.

Meet your teacher

Learn with Harry Roper

£1,000,000 +

Generated for clients over the last 3 years alone.


Client rating with not a single unhappy testimonial.

8+ years

Working in the digital industry with agency owners.

Workshop content

What you will learn

An action packed 45 - 60 minutes for you and your team to start clearing up your messaging and website. With an additional 1 hour homework to be completed outside of the call.

45 minutes

Workshop outcomes

In this workshop we'll introduce the concept of better messaging on your website. We'll walk you through the theory of the course, the practical and have your team create your own messaging for your website.

Welcome & rules

Why does messaging help you stand out?

How to tell a story that sells

Examples in popular modern movies

Creating a statement with impact

Revising your statement

How to use this on your website, marketing, sales

Conclusion & Questions

1 hour


From this workshop you will walk away with your teams comments, created statements and ideas. Now its time to put it together.

How do you choose the right messaging? 

What should you focus on first?

How to apply this to your website.

Further thinking and reading material.

Client Testimonials

What have clients said?

"The preparation up to the implementation was super professional and helped our team to focus on the customer again. We are currently in the process of using the workshop model for our customers, as it brings high added value and is efficient. In addition, Harry helped us in his productivity workshop to make our meetings more productive and automated, which saves us daily costs and time."

Sebastian Baier


Founder of RE7 Consulting

"Working with Harry has been a pleasure. The workshop was really eye opening as to what we were doing wrong. We now have a clearer direction of where we need to go and are focused on improving our foothold in our care industry niche.

Toby Venning


Founder of Cross digital

What do I need?

All you need to complete this course

Any conferencing app

A free hour on a day of your choice

Enroll today

Invest in your future

The complete agency brand story workshop

Simple informative workshop

Create the perfect messaging for your brand

20 minutes theory, 25 minutes practical

Grow and scale through clearer communication

Homework with video instructions

Live coaching during the call to guide you

Limited availability

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Why are you doing this for free?


We want to increase the amount of agencies that we are helping ten fold. In order to do this we feel that offering a free workshop allows you to get a taste of what it is like working together... Although there are no obligations to work with us after!


What would this usually cost?


If we were to put a monterary value on this course it could easily get up to the £1000 mark for attendance. This reflects how much value we believe having clearer messaging on your website will generate. You can very easily go from 0 to hero over night by applying the few tips that we have in this workshop.


What are the requirements to join?


You have a team of at least 2 or more people. You are turning over at least £100,000 a year. However we also look at micro agencies so please fill in the form and we can advise you on the best way to mov forward. You will need to know your niche or have a loose idea of what you would like to niche into. Please let your workshop leader know if you need help identifying your niche.


Do I have to be an agency?


No! We are happy to work with any company in the B2B industry. Please make sure that your company fits the requirments to join tab before signing up.


Who can I bring with me?


Anyone in your company who can benefit from learning more about how to write clearer messaging on your website. We usually advise that at the very least C-level staff and middle managers attend but we also find that having some creative presence in the meeting allows for some thoughtful thinking during the workshop. So if you have a kick ass designer, copy writer or creative role then get them involved!

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