Why Webflow

The best content management system

Giving you

The power

Webflow have disrupted the market and are giving other CMS, like Wordpress, a run for their money.

We use Webflow as it allows us to create a website that is both pixel perfect and a true representation of our creative vision.

Immensely powerful

Content management

You can edit your fully bespoke website using Webflow’s easy-to-use editor. Change content on the page, create new dynamic pages using collections or add new blog posts to your website. This can all be done without the need of a developer.

Webflow content management system makes it easy to edit your site.
Webflow back end creating blog post.

Create pages

With a click

Using predefined layouts, you have the power to create entirely new pages with the content you choose. Simply fill in the fields, hit publish and watch the magic happen.

Custom developed

For every device

Whether your customer is browsing on their computer, tablet or phone we ensure that their experience is matched on all devices.

Responsive web design North Devon example mockup on mobile.

You’ll be hosted in safe hands.

99.99% uptime

Using the very latest in content delivery technology, our hosting promises an uptime of 99.99%. You’ll never need to worry about your site going down again.

Well trusted

Using the same content delivery network as Netflix, Twitch, Linkedin and Facebook. The Amazon Web Services CDN uses multiple servers across the world, allowing for reliable and fast connectivity wherever you are.


Everything hosted with us comes with an SSL certificate. Ensuring that your website ranks well on google and your customers are not subjected to security warnings.

Webflow vs Wordpress




We can develop any design you want

You are limited by templates


Code is clean, performant and hack-free

Code is bloated due to plugins


Quick, SSL-secured hosting with 99.9% uptime

Hosting options with many different suppliers


Powerful user-friendly CMS which focuses on what really matters.

Confusing CMS with access to features editors shouldn’t need


Tailored to be mobile-friendly

Some templates mobile-friendly, others not


Designs are future-friendly, reusable and totally editable

You are stuck with whatever template you have

See for yourself.

The Powerhouse Gym Bideford web design homepage.Retail web design mockup for Bobblehat.Beaconside House Bideford web design homepage mockup by Imaginary Space.
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