Taylored Campervan Conversions

Using SEO and clean design to generate a 300% monthly increase in new online leads.


August 1, 2020


Taylored Campervan Conversions


Creating a unique style and look for the company to build upon over the years. Blending a minimal clean palette with a punch orange colours of surf, camping and outdoor exploration.

Executive Summary

Taylored campervans builds smart and comfortable campervans starting at £10,000 going right up to £50,000. When we first engaged with the team their goal was to increase their SEO presence which was easily increased by 80% within 2 months of launching the new site. After the success of their SEO campaign the team worked in partnership with ours to create a new website and branding for the company. The success of which has in part allowed the team to move to bigger premises and increase the size of the team. We continue to work with the team monthly to increase and expand their digital strategy to support the growth of the business.

Since launching their new site we have consistently been improving and working on the teams website and SEO. The additions and content that have been made have  increased Tayloreds positioning in the rankings for "Devon campervan conversion", "Southwest campervan conversions" and a number of other tertiary keywords that have led to significant growth in online enquiries and website traffic. The team rarely see less than 2000 - 2500 people visiting the site on a regular basis.

Taking inspiration from custom land rover specialists we focused on selling the brand as well as the product. We wanted customers to feel like they were buying into the lifestyle of a campervan rather than just the product itself.

As part of our brief we were tasked with re-designing the logo for the company. The team were heavily inspired by brands such as patagonia, passenger and quick silver which all share similar brand values to the campervan conversion company. The logo now sits proudly on their website, vans, clothing and signage.

Turning Taylors different designs into viewable 3D models to help customers view the product easier.

To our suprise the team had a catalogue of CAD models that they used for creating their kitchen units. After a short period of experimenting we realised we could texture and upload the models for customers to view on the website. Helping them discuss with clients over the phone or digital meeting what the conversions look like with a 3D representation greatly increased their sales conversions. 

Lewis, managing director, has told us constantly how the 3d models are great fun because he can be talking to a customer on the phone and point out the cubby holes, fridge and gas space right down to where they can find lights. Something that can be a lot harder to explain by just using a photo.

Clean, easy to read mobile designs.

Using video extensively throughout the site allowed us to showcase the energy and experience Taylored bring to their service.

Every page benefits from high quality video that captures the team working, cleaning and testing new conversions. Showing the professionality and care that they put into each successful project.

Utilising the teams in-house 3D cad software and modelling we helped them turn their existing cad designs into beautiful 3D renders helping them further illustrate designs to clients.

3D render of the ranger conversion kitchen unit

The main focus of the website is interactivity. How can customers truly visualise a campervan conversion and see all of different parts that come included, in what can be a large investment for a young family. Diagrams, 3D models and specification overlays really do help you see everything included and speak volumes more than just photos alone.

Imaginary Space designed our new website at the start of this year. They brought lots of ideas and enthusiasm and we're very pleased with the finished product.

Lewis Taylor

Managing Director

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