Seafield Holiday Park

Helping a holiday park accept, manage and increase online bookings by 400%


November 10, 2020


Seafield Holiday Park


Create a new website that increases online bookings and shows off the accommodation in a more attractive manor.

Executive Summary

Seafield holiday park approached us to help them work on and improve their website after they were let down by a local company.  The lack of online bookings with the previous site was causing some distress to the team as they were paying large amounts of their marketing spend on booking websites rather than generating sales themselves. By working in partnership we created a new simplistic design that allowed the content on the page to entice customers to book with Seafield holiday park. We easily smashed their Christmas sales targets by 4x their online bookings. Having only received one or two of their bookings online before working with us the team now receive 90% of their bookings through the website.

Having relied on a dated design for many years the team were ready to create a new look and feel for their website with the goal of increasing their monthly bookings online.

We spent several weeks with the team understanding their goals and vision. Focusing on the messaging that “Seafield Holiday Park is a traditional family run business” and is different to most chain holiday parks. 

Inspired by websites like Air BNB we set out to create a style that was friendly for holiday makers of all ages whilst making the site look minimal, modern and trendy. Holiday makers were so impressed with the new professional looking website that they rang up the park asking if it was still the same holiday park. A clear and amusing, success.

Concerned with the target audience age(60 +) our design team made sure that we used slightly larger font sizes than normal to help those with weathered eyesight. Creating a stress less experience rather than causing frustration from squinting at tiny  fonts.

Customers could clearly understand which properties were suited for dogs, large families or individual couples. A great addition to the site, which is heavily used, was the “things to do” section. A collection of local amenities to Seafield that greatly improved their SEO. 

They recently built a website for our holiday park, and we are so pleased with what they did for us! The website has been live for 3 weeks, and we have received very positive feedback from customers! Our online bookings have increased considerably as a result, and customers have said they find the website easy and clear to use (which was one of our main aims).

Bethan Braddick

Park Manager

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