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Taylored Campervans

Built To Roam

What we did

Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Web Design
Product Design

Launched in July 2020

Taylored campervans builds smart and comfortable campervans and are one of the highest regarded companies in the country for what they do. This was the second time we had engaged with the company having previously created a website for them.

The brief

To help Taylored Campervans bring clarity to its original vision, develop a strategy, a visual identity, a voice and tone. To transform a brand from just being about campervans to a brand about camping, exploration and the wilderness. A brand in which the company could build a fanbase around.

Introducing Taylored Campervans

In 2016 Lewis Taylor returned from his travels in New Zealand with his wife. Having just completed a tour of the country whilst managing a campervan conversion company he saw the opportunity to start something of his own in the north of Devon.

One of the big and main reasons that the company has scaled so well is their care and attention to detail, taking no shortcuts. So when it came to creating their new brand, website and digital products we were a natural fit for them to once again engage with.


£15,000 in leads generated since July.

20% of visiting website users will convert to customers.

Ranking page 1 for several blog articles.

Large increase in daily engagement on social media posts.

Burning through the dark. Taylored takes great inspiration from brands like patagonia and passenger through its branding. Using a bold sunburnt orange helps their logo stand out and be heard.

Our choice of sans fonts are clean and friendly making the copy approachable and easy to read.

3D is the future and we embraced it fully. The one thing that always annoyed Taylored? Not being able to emphasise space and size of each conversion. Now customers can look at conversions in 3D and compare sizes on the fly.