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100% increase in online sales with a classically styled website



Braddicks Furnishers


To create a new e-commerce store for a traditional and history rich family business.

Executive Summary

A clear success story many shoppers now enter the Braddicks furniture store already knowing what they would like to purchase or try out. Helping the sales team focus on the selling rather than the hunting of items. Customers visiting the old site would have seen old stock, items missing and a lack of information. Our team created a bespoke design that played on the royal reds of the companies branding whilst creating an easily navigable site for any age. We also helped the team create a system in which they can upload, manage and sell items easily taking the stress out of digital inventory management.

We helped a 100+ year old furniture store takes its first steps into the online world with a beautiful website that upheld the traditional values of the brand.

It was important to make sure that customers

19 Crimes Red | Morrisons
Inspired by the red mark in the top right corner.

Inspired by the badges on the 19 crimes red wine brand we took inspiration to create our own marks and badges that are common throughout older history to add a unique age and contemporary look to the style of the website.

Finalised badges with refined company logo

Using fun animated banners allows us to show off our clients unique deals in a fun and eye catching way. Static banners are unfortunately glossed over most of the time so adding some movement to them allows us, as designers, to catch the users eyes and to read the message.

They recently built a website for our holiday park, and we are so pleased with what they did for us! The website has been live for 3 weeks, and we have received very positive feedback from customers! Our online bookings have increased considerably as a result, and customers have said they find the website easy and clear to use (which was one of our main aims).

Bethan Braddick

Park Manager

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