Hero section for an industrial property developer featuring building sight imagery and emboldened typography.

McBains Property

Property Developer Concept

McBains property developers are an industrial property development company building large projects across major cities. They wanted a timeless minimal design to help communicate their professionality and experience.

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Split-screen webdesign with company director and a personal letter from him.

A personal touch goes a long way

Because our concept client relies heavily on being the face of the company we felt it was appropriate to include a personal letter from him to the audience. Not only does this add a nice personal touch but it also helps humanise the site and show that McBains is not just a corporate entity but has real, good, people running it. The small signature at the end gives a touch of authenticity complimented by a high quality photo of the owner.

Property Development professional photos.

Tasteful imagery sells

Professional photography can go a long way when producing a website. The photos used in this project  reflect the professional service the company provide. Although somewhat static we could improve these by also providing short loop-able videos to make the tiles come to life when rolling the mouse over. There is always room for improvement! 

Did you know: Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts (source).

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