May 21, 2021

Imaginary Space Rebrand 2020

Creating a lasting brand

At Imaginary Space, we are constantly trying to grow both as individuals and as a brand. So it felt time to, once again, evolve our branding and website to represent the new experience we have gained over the past few months.

Out with the old

Something that we have felt for a long time is that our website did not represent us well. Although it was packed with great animations and information, it did not tell the story we wanted to tell. This is a problem we often help our clients solve, so we felt we must make sure our website represents our ideals and values.  

By stripping back the amount of content and flashy information, we can expose our website for what it truly is, a living and breathing portfolio to celebrate our work. We dove down and bought our case studies up to the surface of our website, removing the unnecessary clutter that came with them, and focusing more on the imagery, rather than the text, to show our work. 


An agency that we looked at in great detail whilst working on this project was Heydays. Like them, we too enjoyed showing you our work rather than telling you about it.

In terms of messaging, we looked closely at the way the agency Pentagram talked about themselves. Having worked with almost every single client imaginable, it felt only fitting to examine how they humbly spoke about their work, philosophy and mindset. Pentagram, in particular, has become a favourite of ours and we hope to continue to use them as inspiration moving forward. You can read more about them here.

Pentagram design wordmark.
Pentagram wordmark

A change of branding

Prior to designing our new website, we took the time to refine our branding, totally overhauling our old identity. We decided that opting for a wordmark over an abstract mark promoted a sense of sophistication, whilst remaining understated. This approach allowed us to focus more on typography which in turn provided more clarity.

The Imaginary being a heavier weight draws attention to the word and highlights its importance. To us, this represents creativity and ingenuity. The Space, in a lighter weight, promotes a sense of openness by appearing more spacious. Together, there is clear separation between the words which bear a subtle hidden meaning. 

Imaginary Space white wordmark on black square and white spacebar icon on black square.
Our webclip and favicon

Primarily, the logo is to be used horizontally. However, for square applications, we opted to wrap the Space below Imaginary which maintains legibility. For even smaller applications, a space bar symbol is used, acting as an abbreviation and a nod to those who are more technologically minded.

Wrapping up

We feel that by taking a step forward with our branding we are entering a more mature part of the company’s life. Considering we are only a year old, it feels good to see the progress that we have made so far and continue to make.

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