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Table of Contents

Adapting to new demands

The course of our planning brought us into consideration of the state of the Automotive industry and the ongoing adaptations being performed due to current world conditions, from the negatives to the positives.

We found a large and ongoing surge in the demand for online sales solutions, with customers shifting to preferring online methods of purchase. This manifested a push for online product viewing techniques, commonly provided through expanding available product viewing opportunities, such as:

  • Expanding the available image albums for vehicles
  • Providing video overviews and fly-throughs of the externals and external features of a vehicle
  • Using new innovative technologies such as VR to provide immersive viewing of vehicles.

This improved demand for online sales solutions was important and noticable as it appeared alongside an overall increase in vehicle purchase as lockdown restrictions are raised and lingering sentiment against close-quarters groups and thus public transport continues.

Even with the improved savings from the lockdown periods, many customers still reported finding it hard to justify the full cost of many newer vehicles, which is sometimes attributed to a lack of highlighting of innovative features of new vehicles.

Repair and aftermarket changes.

We found that this uncertainty of the increasing prices of vehicles, alongside the surge in those looking for a new vehicle, has brought with it an increase in interest in second hand vehicles, but this comes with an even greater focus from customers on being able to see the state of the vehicle thoroughly and relies on proper implementation of the aforementioned product viewing changes.

An ongoing trend that we were able to isolate was the ever increasing shift of customer attention towards vehicle repair and aftermarket parts. Supporting this market was an important focus as it allowed for continual engagement with customers, as new vehicle purchases will usually be seperated by great periods of time.

Alternative fuel and EVs

Alternative fuel vehicles and EVs have also become a pivotal topic in the industry as the increasing awareness of ongoing climate issues brings these methods to the forefront. We found that a large number of businesses in the industry have focused on emphasising these features in any new or upcoming automotive stock, often emphasised to justfiy greater prices on products.

Moving Forwards

This research was prompted by an ongoing initiative of our own, informing our efforts as we move forward.

In sharing this, we intend to bring you the improved understanding of the ongoing industry adaptations and the trends impacting the market in the current world environment.

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