About Imaginary Space

Imaginary Space was founded on the premise of improving the quality of local web design in North Devon. We are a two man studio that is excited to help local businesses grow by designing with their customers in mind. We detest trends, templates and stupid b******t.

We start with a blank page; everything is placed with precision and purpose.

Web design setup with two desktops, lit by small desk lamp.
Imaginary Space co-founders, Harry Roper and Luke James, stood next to the river Taw in Barnstaple, Devon.

Our Values

No Shortcuts

With no sidestepping, everything is done by the book. Our work will always be thorough.

Attention to detail

Our products work across multiple resolutions, devices and formats. We ensure no stone is left unturned.

Strong client relations

We believe strong relationships with our clients is the ultimate foundation for any project. Trust and clear communication ensures the very best outcome.

No idea is too big or too small

Growing your business excites us, no matter how established you are.

Clean design

We love minimal, modern and accessible design and we believe all of our work reflects that.

Have fun!

Without this, we wouldn't be doing what we do. We truly love our profession and find it extremely rewarding.

Two men at a table talking over documents

Why Webflow?

Webflow is the content management system of choice for our company. It allows us to create bespoke websites that are unique, lightweight and lightning fast.

Unlike many studios, we stay away from templates. This provides a unique experience for your customers and allows us to build target-based websites that accomplish your business goals.

We like to share a lot about what we do with Webflow on our blog.

Why Imaginary Space?

Our team is young and innovative; we’re always searching for new trends and technologies. Our hunger to learn good web design is what separates us from those who are comfortable, and those who are looking to grow and evolve.

Our clients love working with us; we are always attentive to their needs, honest when they need our advice and interested in helping them grow.

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