Our studio was made with video games and pizza

Creating Imaginary Space

Two friends

On a mission

We both met each other in college during an IT lesson. After going our separate ways for 2 years, we happened to cross paths again whilst both working individually in the technology industry. After some persuasion, Harry managed to convince Luke to join him...the rest is history!

Luke James and Harry Roper playing chess. Imaginary space web design Barnstaple team.

Our values

No shortcuts

With no sidestepping, everything is done by the book. Our work will always be thorough.

Clean design

We love minimal, modern and accessible design and we believe all of our work reflects that.

Strong client relations

We believe strong relationships with our clients is the ultimate foundation for any project. Trust and clear communication ensures the very best outcome.

No idea is too big

Growing your business excites us, no matter how established you are.

Attention to detail

Our products work across multiple resolutions, devices and formats. We ensure no stone is left unturned.

Have fun!

As it says on the tin. Our company believes that true creativity stems from having fun with your work.

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